"We need to incorporate the contagion of narratives into economic theory. Otherwise, we remain blind to a very real, very palpable, very important mechanism for economic change, as well as a crucial element for economic forecasting."

Robert J. Shiller

Nobel laureate in economics

Our team and what we do

Commercializing research-based methods of obtaining narratives
Commercializing research-based models for analyzing narratives
Ensuring high quality narratives data by carefully selecting respondents

First mover in using narratives as a data source

Scraping of SOME and news sites
Machine learning
Accessing data via APIs

Fundamental analysis methods

1 Ph.d. statiscal economics

3 former special forces operators

“Nordic Analytics specialises in data collection of narratives and in-depth analyses using state-of-the-art models that show the effect the narratives have on an asset, for instance, the stock market or the crypto market.

Narratives is a new data class that has not yet been commercialized, which is why Nordic Analytics is the first mover in the field.

A narrative can also be called a story. Humans pass stories between each other and our data shows that stories influence people’s decisions.

When you let narratives collaborate with traditional market data, the precision of your data increases. This will allow better and more informed decisions to be made.

Our values

Nordic Analytics strives to be ‘the’ trusted partner in complex analyses.

We strive to work in small, independent and action-oriented project groups, where the technological foundation is the synergy between sustainable, time-saving, flexible and digital solutions.

We invest time and effort in establishing confidence and trust between us and our partners.